Health Benefits

Filing a Claim

As a Member of a Health Benefit Plan, you may be eligible to receive certain benefits as outlined in your Health Benefit Plan Booklet.

New Certificate Numbers – October 1, 2020

Beginning September 2020, D.A. Townley will be transitioning members to new certificate numbers/Client ID numbers for claims purposes. The number previously issued to affected members expired at midnight on September 30, 2020.

If you have been sent a new card, it is very important that you use the certificate number/Client ID number on this new card when submitting claims.

If your plan allows your pharmacist, dentist or paramedical practitioners (such as a physiotherapist) to submit claims on your behalf, you must present your new card on your next visit, as they will require the new information to submit your claims directly to the Plan.

Your Health Benefit Plan will cover the same services as in the past and D.A. Townley will continue to administer your benefits, including adjudication and payment of your claims. You can continue to submit claims for reimbursement using the same method you currently use (via mail, email, or fax).

In order to receive the benefits that you are entitled to, you must notify the Plan Administrator by submitting the appropriate claim form and attaching the applicable detailed receipts.

Dental Claims
Use the Dental Claim Form if you’ve paid your dentist the full cost of the services that are covered under your Health Benefit Plan and you wish to be reimbursed. Many dentists will bill your Plan directly for the portion payable under the Plan using their own Standard Dental Claim Form.

Extended Health Benefits Claims
Use the Extended Health Benefits Claim form if you’ve paid for Extended Health expenses (prescription drugs, physiotherapy, chiropractor, eyeglasses, etc) that are covered under your Plan.

Long Term Disability Claims
Use the Statement of Claimant for Long Term Disability Benefits if you’ve been totally disabled (through sickness or injury) and are now wishing to apply for LTD benefits. Once you have applied for LTD Benefits, you may be required to complete the Attending Physician’s Initial LTD Benefits Statement before your LTD claim can be approved.

Weekly Indemnity Claims
Use the Weekly Indemnity Benefits Claim form to make your claim for Weekly Indemnity benefits if you have become unable to work, while covered for this benefit, because of an accident, sickness or pregnancy, provided you are under the regular care of a physician.

Health Care Spending Account Claims
Use the Claim for Health Care Spending Account Benefits form if you’ve paid for medical expenses that are eligible for reimbursement under your Plan’s Health Care Spending Account, but for which you have not been reimbursed under your Health or Dental Plan.

MSP Out-of-Country Claims
If you are covered for the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP) under your Health Benefit Plan, use the MSP Out-of-Country Claim Form to submit claims for medical expenses incurred outside of Canada.

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